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Incense Resin


The Art of Incense Burning with Natural Botanicals. Since time immemorial, human civilizations have used incense and resins in ritual offerings to appease the gods and to evoke the senses to a higher state of being. Excelsior’s range of incense resins enable you to travel back in time with these ancient mystical incense recipes. These incense recipes have been created to honor ancient civilizations from around the world using the natural ingredients of the time and region.

These are perfect blend of endearing aromatic resins, produced naturally from the herbs! May be burned and compounded for incense, ritual, or perfumery. It gives you an experience of original incense of temples, churches and ancient rites. Mysterious fragrances of Myrrh, Ambrosia, Frankincense, Divine Insight, Gum Benzoin Siam drives you to know-how the best of incense resins smell.

Burning Incense: Simply light a charcoal by holding the charcoal in one hand over a flame until it starts to sizzle red and sometimes crackle, then set it down on a heat resistant charcoal burner and leave it until it heats up and turns grey( 2 minutes max). Next take a very small amount of resin and crumble it onto the charcoal then cover with lid of burner, now sit back and enjoy the heady smells of real resin burning.

Incense Resin - Myrrh - Click here to view more

Incense Resin - Myrrh

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